Alien Encounter in Indiana on 2016-11-01 00:00:00 – I want to report entities contacting and torturing me in recent years

I have not seen a ufo. i want to report that entities have been walking through my walls and talking to me (and i think, researching on me) especially during the past 5 years. i do not know what i am experiencing. i have been posting some of my experiences on reddit in the psychosis forum (i can give you my reddit username if you want it). i do not know if i am in contact with aliens or having psychotic hallucinations or if these are the spirits of dead people. i need to stay anonymous because my extremely religious family members would be angry with me for even talking about the subject of “aliens.” i used to be extremely religious too but the experiences i’ve had have completely changed what i know about the world. now, i don’t know what to think. i belive in the aliens now.

these events usually happen every 2 to 3 months. i am in the midst of a long stretch of not having “contact,” which is good and unusual. what happens is i will be sleeping. i then will awaken into paralysis. then sometimes people will appear as though they’ve walked through my walls. they will usually stand or sit beside my bedroom walls or beside my bed. most of them don’t look like aliens. they look like people- beautiful people, even. there is an aura about them that is overwhelmingly evil and terrifying. there have been both men and women. there have been teenagers and adults. these beings do not feel like a dream or a hallucination. they feel as real as if i were encountering a regular person. usually they will start speaking to me or about me. one middle aged blonde woman appeared suddenly one night and went on a verbal rampage, saying things like “you’re so evil.” when the two teenage girls appeared, they spoke to each other about me (specifically, about my habits such as the fact that i usually take a nap at that time of day). they had a long dagger and held it over my belly and were about to stab me. i was able to break free when i was able to use all my strength to barely move 2 of my fingers. i was fighting for my life. there’s no way to describe how scared i was. there have been other horrific experiences like this. and i met one called pharoah, who i actually sort of liked. he looked regal and did not speak to me or try to hurt me. he seemed only interested in watching me.

the only one that i have encountered who doesn’t look like a person is janus. she looks like a woman combined with a scorpion and a machine. her presence radiates the worst terror that i have ever felt. she paralyzes me with fear. she has been present at my house about 4 times that i can remember. unlike the others, she does not walk upright. she crawls. she is like a crawling woman with a lot of mechanical spider legs. she has never been allowed to directly touch me, which means somebody must have power over her- or i think she’d have killed me and my whole family by now. she has been in very close proximity to me though, crawling around my bed.

there is so much more that i could tell you. i am suffering from the trauma of what these beings have done to me and the fear that they will come back to hurt me- and worse, to go after my family. i believe these “people” have been researching and experimenting on me for years. when i am sleeping, sometimes i feel like i am being experimented on. i have painfully felt things inserted into my rectum and vagina. one moring i woke up and felt like tissue had been removed from my vagina. also, once, i felt something like an exacto knife pushed into the bottom of my foot. when the two teenage girls held the knife over me, it seemed that there intention was to cut something out of my belly.

the thing is- i’ve suffered from severe undiagnosed illness for the past 15 years. i started having severe gynecological complaints followed by agonizing chronic diarrhea (with profound rectal burning) and stomach upset. i also have problems with my brain. i have a constant brain fog and strong feeling of discomfort inside my brain. i have an extensive medical record, including undergoing exploratory surgery out of desperation. everything always comes back as normal, but i continue to suffer daily from these overwhelming symptoms. i am starting to believe that these entities have done this to me, and that they are somehow able to hide it from my doctors. i can’t find any other explanation. how do i cope with the fact that i think supernatural entities have been rearranging my body parts? if a person did this, i’d call the police. but a person is not doing this. if an alien is doing it, then there’s nothing i can do to save myself.

during the past 10 years or so, my dreams changed. they became more vivid and very violent. this is suprising because i am extremely afraid of violence and its not something i think about. i don’t tend to play violent video games or watch violent movies. i started having traumatic nightmares almost every night. these nightmares involve being tortured in experiments. being part of a group that is forced to have our organs harvested. being part of a group that is forced to fight against other groups (kind of like the hunger games). in one dream i was with a group of other doomed people and i asked “how much longer will we be here?” and a man said “6 years.” in another dream, i saw myself evacuated in a space craft with a group of others like me.

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