Black Triangle Sighting in Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia on 2017-05-05 22:21:00 – Ufo flew over at varying speed, changed directions and flew off extremely quickly

At 10:17 or so on may 5th 2017, i stepped out to have a cigarett and after lighting the smoke i did as i normally did and looked up to see the few starts peeking out, i looked to my left and this bright white orb of light was moving accross the sky, at first glance i thought the moon, but it was in the wrong location and quickly became aparent it was moving quickly. as it got closer while moving accross my path from south west to north north east i noticed it looked like a bright orb of light centered gyroscopically in a smoothed triangle with, 3 smaller orbs of white light that appeared to act as thrusters ?. when i say gyroscopically centered i mean it appeared as though the outer part of the craft (triangle) rotated around the bright central orb to propel it in direction. i wasnt sure of what i had seen but i am open to life other than that of our planet. at the same time i didnt want to speak out to anybody and be looked at like im crazy. it wasnt until the next day when speaking with a friend of mine who lives close by that he happened to mention that he had a neat video he took the night before to show me, he pulled up the video on his phone and there is the craft, exactly as i had seen it, i immediately told him that it was amazing to have it on video, and that i had seen it as well. and that brings me to contacting mufon, i feel its important

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