UFO Sighting in Lansing, Kansas on 2017-05-06 23:38:00 – 3 lighted objects observed

I had just been using a green lazer pointer previous to this. i along with my adult son and his girlfriend were just looking up into the night sky when my son said ‘”look” and pointed toward a lit object in the north west approaching us. i got my binoculars and followed the object visually as it was passing over us and noticed not one but, two other ojects along with the lead vehicle. my son and his girlfriend only saw two objects but as i said with the aid of binoculars i saw a total of three. the three objects traveled north west to south east in a triangle formation. the lead was brighter than the two following it. as the three objects got closer they went to higher altitude at a quick pace. towards the end all three changed direction towards the east and then they disappeared. i know that these were not aircraft, no visual red, green, or clear exterior lights indentifying them as civilian or military aircraft. also the speed and movement of the objects an airplane is not capable of.

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