UFO Sighting in Palatine, Illinois on 2017-05-07 18:40:00 – Diamond, clear sky, min of 10

I was leaning backwards on car having cigarette and on day with bright blue sky, what appeared as a low star during daylight caught my attention. the one became 4 in a diamond shape with a reddish appearing light in middle. i didn’t have my cell phone so i called in to have a family member come see what i was… the strangest thing was whatever we saw was transparent, unless you trained your focus on that area of the sky. my family member said she was going inside to retrieve camera but returned with binoculars. while transfixed i noticed there were at least 10-20 more at progressive altitudes. then, an airplane leaving contrails approached this ??? from the east. as it did, an area of smoke-like haze was all that remained where the ??? had been observed. they were gone before the aircraft intercepted the area.

i have no photos nor video but know i have another credible witness. also, others had to have observed this and hope someone did take photographs.

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