UFO TV Programme Excerpt: Brigadeiro José Carlos Pereira confirma existência OVNIS(Brigadier José Carlos Pereira confirms the existence of UFOs ) (not the TV programme’s headline)

(Unknown date)
(Conexão Repórter, Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão (SBT), 
São Paulo, Brazil)
Source: pbUFOne (YouTube channel)
Video text:
“The reporter and presenter Roberto Cabrine interviewed Brigadier José Carlos Pereira in his program Conexão Repórter (Reporter Connection) of SBT, where he makes some important revelations to Brazilian society, stating the existence and concealment of the UFO phenomenon.”
Brigadier José Carlos Pereira, Brazilian Air Force (Ret.), is a former commanding general of Air Operations and COMDABRA, the Brazilian Aerospace Defence Command.
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Brigadier José Carlos Pereira, Brazilian Air Force (Ret.) (left)
(youtube.com image)

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