Employees Shelter in Place at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

BREAKING NEWS - Employees Shelter in Place at Hanford Nuclear Reservation

     Employees at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation have been told to take cover because of an event in the 200 East Area.

Responders are on the scene and are reporting the soil has subsided

By www.nbcrightnow.com

in an area approximately 20 feet by 20 feet over one of the tunnels next to the Plutonium Uranium Extraction Facility, also known as PUREX. There is no indication of a release of contamination at this point. Responders are getting closer to the area where the soil has subsided for further visual inspection. The subsidence of soil was discovered during a routine surveillance of the area by workers. The tunnels are hundreds of feet long, with approximately eight feet of soil covering them. The depth of the subsidence of soil appears to be into the tunnel.

The tunnels to the PUREX facility are located to the east of the facility, extending south. There are two tunnels, one is approximately 360 feet long and the other is approximately 1,700 feet long. The tunnels were used beginning in the 1950s to store contaminated equipment. The 20 foot wide by 20 foot long cave-in is in an area where the two tunnels join together.

… employees from 100, 600, 200 West Area and LIGO have been released from work. Approximately 3,000 workers in the 200 East Area remain in a take cover.

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