UFO Sighting in Baldwin, Maine on 2011-05-31 03:42:00 – Observed bright saucer shaped craft fly directly over me!

I was out on my porch at my mountain top home at 3:42 am when i observed a bright triple tiered saucer shaped craft fly directly over me. then it headed out over sebago lake where it turned due north and sped up out of my line of sight in seconds.The craft flew directly over me tilted at 45 degrees which let me see its top tiers.The craft appeared to be 100 feet wide and was at 5,000 feet altitude. it made no sound at all and was moving quite slow and steady at about 100 mph.The illumination appeared to be all internal. around 20 minutes later a very unusual military aircraft which i was not able to identify flew over on the same course and directions but at much higher altitude.

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