UFO Sighting in Kasilof, Alaska on 2017-05-10 02:00:00 – I’m listening to a nearby unearthly

So i was on my way out, looked up at any immediate star
in the sky usually the ufo is the first one.
it got intelligent, neighbors apparently were witnessing
and signaling too. i got my binocs my sound aid amp
and that’s when i noticed the sound is so local
you may be confuse for an animal, how ever by distuingusibg
the sound through a device it sounds like a pulse resonance
wave from a nearby craft. people commonly mistake
them as bird sounding.

during the event it moved up, down, wobbled, flew a great deal forward
hid behind a tree like if playing peekaboo
i had a powerfully lumens white light i signaled back
and can confirm intelligent control

after what i saw, it’s like i either believe it’s a bird with my sound mind
or believe it’s still the sound from the craft earlier.

it’s too electronic sounding to be a bird, then it’s sounds natural like a bird when i mean bird i mean bigger bird sound.

if it is a bird then it’s mating call has been going on constantly changing location various degrees around me.

ufos make some synthesizer like noises
and to the human ear can mimic artificially a natural sound real well.

well wouldn’t that be confusing?

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