UFO Sighting in Lake City, Michigan on 2017-04-07 22:30:00 – On sunday night 4-7-17 about 10:30pm seen white light at east end an red an blue light on west end about 10 ft. apart . look like a car parked there but no way for car to get in there thick woods called police they could not find anything seen lights 1

I went out to my fire pit to see if i had some lighter fluid to start my barb a q to cook a steak at 10pm i drove to the location because i have a bad knee its hard for me to walk as i was getting back into my car i seen lights in the woods the one set of white were like headlights but there was no beam they were on the east end the other lights were on the west end they were red an blue about 10 ft. apart i took my car an pointed it at the lights an turned my brights lights on it but could not see any shape and there was no noise i turn my lights off an the lights were still there there was no kind of noise coming from there i’am a veitnam vet it takes a lot to shake me . well i came in the house an called the police i’am about 20 miles from town so it took them about an hr. to get here i showed them were i had seen the lights they said they could not find anything on the ground i went in there on 4-10-17 at 2pm on my quad an rode all over in there but could not find any thing on the ground. at 12:55am on 4-11-17 i seen the lights fly over the tree tops heading east coming from were i seen the lights on the ground can not figure out why it would land there there is all kinds of places to land were it is a clearing ??? never did see it leave that nigh i have cameras out side because i feed the deer i also have caught an orb flying around also i had a tahoe parked there an had a light appear in the window one night an it faded out an the light would have come from behind the camera i have those on my lap top but do not know how to send them iam 70 yrs old.Lol the video with the orb the lights were about 10 yrds. to the right an 20 to 50 yrds in the woods the orb is about a yr. or 2 ago

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