UFO Sighting in Butte Meadows, California on 2003-07-01 22:00:00 – Massive yet and unknown. the shape and light pattern was perceived drastically different between witnesses.

Before i begin i would like to apologize for the delay. to be honest i have been afraid to take this subject and my many sightings seriously until recently. someone made me realize that i’m doing the world an injustice by keeping everything i have been through and seen a secret. so here i am, spilling the beans on every single encounter i have had from start to finish. the world has to hear the whole enchilada to date. this will be long.

i have been witness to around a dozen ufo sightings throughout my life and once, along with one of my best friends, i looked into the eyes of many non human beings. i will get to that story in a second.

1) my first encounter was around 1989 or 1990. my family and i were driving to the grandparent’s house one friday night when just as we passed by moffett airfield my mom started to scream at my father frantically, “turn around! turn around!” that’s when i looked out the window. hovering statically directly over moffett there was a triangular shaped craft, about a 100-200 feet across with one large, bright white light in each corner. it just hovered as we drove on by…..Now come to think of it i don’t remember driving by it. i remember driving toward it but….It was a long time ago.

2) the second time i saw ufo’s was many years later. it was around 2001 sometime around midnight. my friend and i were lying in a field in the foothills above chico, ca and counted 68 satellites in about an hours time. we also counted 6 that couldn’t possibly be satellites or, maybe they were? i don’t know what our military is capable of anymore. we thought the high activity of satellites was very strange on its own. the 6 dots of light that would take 90 to 180 degree turns faster than any plane i have ever seen? this is when i really started to question everything. as a child a ufo sighting is one thing. as an adult….Everything changes.

3) the third time is the ufo i am reporting today. it was around 10:00 pm on a clear, summer night east/southeast of butte meadows, ca, just north west of philbrook lake. it was the year 2003. we were off of a logging road in the middle of the woods. it was me and two friends sitting in the back of my truck. one of my friends had just recently found christianity and so he was sitting there reading revelations as my other friend and i sat there and listened, occasionally philosophizing about what it actually meant if it meant anything at all. then we heard a sound.

this sound sounded exactly like a 2 stroke motorcycle or chainsaw at full throttle, mixed with a dog growling, while both submerged in water. so, kind of a muffled, bubbling mechanical dog growling. to say the least, i’ve never heard anything like it.

that’s when i looked up. the first thing i noticed was how very few stars i could see. then i noticed the silhouette. then the lights. then i realized what was happening. flying ever so slowly (10mph?), possibly a quarter mile above us, there it was. the moment that changed my reality forever. a spaceship no smaller than an entire football stadium was there, flying directly over us. about 2/3 of the front end was egg shaped while the rear 1/3 was circular. the body of it was black as shadow from that distance. it blotted out the night sky, the stars. on the bottom end there were around 15 bright, white lights in a strange pattern. they were crescent shaped in the front and then led in a straight line to the back where they joined a circular light pattern. my jaw dropped. i looked over at my friends and both of their jaws were dropped. none of us said a thing. we just watched it for 10 minutes or so in silence until it flew out of sight.

we talked a little about what we had just saw but started to become too uncomfortable speaking of it. so we didn’t speak of it for years. when i tried to bring it up around the guy who was reading revelations that night he would simply reply, “i don’t want to talk about that.” but my other friend, he did talk about it. this is where it becomes even more confusing and harder for even myself to believe. about 7 or 8 years after the sighting, i asked him to describe the ship he saw that night to me. he described the sound and the size exactly the same. however, his description of what it looked like sounded weird so we both drew what we saw.

i drew what i described earlier. he drew a ship in the shape of a square with around 20-30 red lights lining the sides. i have been mind boggled ever since. how can we hear it the same and both see this massive object but, we perceive the shape, and light pattern, and light color so differently? how could our visual memories be that far off? i can’t think of anything except technology beyond my comprehension.

4) this one scared the hell out of me. it just felt very ominous. i was on my way home from work just east of corning, ca around 6:00pm sometime during the summer. this was in 2007. the exact month is a bit hazy. so, i’m driving the company truck back to chico and there around 500 ft or so sitting statically in the air was an extraordinarily black (very dark black), triangle/stealth fighter shaped craft with a wingspan of around 500 – 750 ft. it wasn’t small. it had no lights. just blackness. the closer i got to it, the creepier everything felt. it looked like it was painted in the sky and it was utterly silent. i ended up driving under the very tip of its right (wing?). this craft for some reason scared me really bad. it felt like evil for some reason. i usually get excited when i see ufo’s. not this one. i was happy once i drove past it. i’m sure a bunch of other motorists saw this craft as well so i hope at least a few of them reported this.

5) sometime during the late summer, 2016 i saw my most recent ufo. it was in paradise, ca around 5:00 in the morning. at first i thought it was a satellite. but then, it turned really bright and then disappeared. it then reappeared in a different position. it did this a few times moving in a linear motion but then, it started disappearing and reappearing in random locations. sometimes when it reappeared it would sit motionless. other times it would move in random directions. then out of nowhere, it appeared one last time and flashed an extremely brilliant, white light. the best comparison i can think of is the flash from a camera in a dark room. it was very bright. after the flash it faded away and i didn’t see it again. i’ve been wondering if i had my picture taken ever since.

6) this is the hardest one for me to believe. if it wasn’t for the fact that my best friend was with me when all of this happened and he saw the exact same thing i did, i probably wouldn’t believe it. neither one of our memories is very clear on when this happened nor what happened following the interaction. i know there was a full moon. i know it was sometime in march. but, i cannot recall the year. maybe 2009? this was one of the happiest and scariest nights of my life. they exist and i can’t explain how happy i am to know that.

we had just arrived at one of our favorite camp spots around 10 miles north east of magalia, ca around 12:00 am. the moon was full and the weather was warm so we did not bother lighting a fire. we set up our beds in my friend’s pickup truck and sat and talked for maybe 20-30 minutes when my first direct contact with alien life began.

we first noticed footsteps in the shadows of the trees and bushes. we have a lot of experience in the wilderness so we simply assumed it was animals of some sort, probably deer. we soon found out that was not the case. the footsteps multiplied. then we started to hear one to two dozen of them starting to spread out. that’s when we saw the first pair of eyes. at this time we are thinking coyotes maybe? but then that pair of eyes blinks and we know it is not coyotes. at this time we can only see eyes next to a tree and the shadow from the tree canopy made it hard to make out any silhouette. that’s when the eyes disappear behind the tree. then they come back, 12 feet up the tree. these are pine trees mind you and the lowest branches are 20 feet up. the trunks are two feet across.

we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking at, or what was looking at us. that’s when more sets of eyes started to appear. then more. then more. all of them seemed like curious animals although i am sure they are far more brilliant than us. they would peak around the trees and out from the bushes and then duck back in. sometimes they would peak around a tree 2 ft off the ground. other times it was 15 ft off the ground. or 6 ft. it was random. my heart at this point was racing. my friend had a .38 on him and i (don’t laugh but i didn’t care for guns then) had a knife and sword. we had enough close encounters with bears up in those mountains to know it wasn’t a good idea to go out there empty handed. plus i was really into lord of the rings when i bought the sword. i admit i am a bit of a nerd.

anyway, after we could clearly see a dozen pairs of brightly glowing eyes and we were cut off from the truck, we decided to go into the middle of a huge clearing where the moon lit everything around us. so there we are in the middle of the clearing and we are listening to them surround us completely while somehow avoiding the moonlight. some of them continued to peak around the trees. then that is when it happened. one walked through the moonlight only 20 ft away from us from one tree to another, about a 10 ft distance. we both saw it clearly. we both jumped at the same time. we both panicked at the same time. there it was, a 7 ft tall, completely smooth, glossy, blue/grey skinned with no genitalia, no clothes, skinny/lanky body, human sized head, glowing eyed alien looking directly at us as it comfortably walked to the tree. it didn’t seem to care we saw it.

this is when my adrenaline hit its peak. my friend cocked the hammer back on his gun, i unsheathed my sword and we stood back to back (i know this sounds really stupid and cheesy but, when you are surrounded in the woods by things that can levitate and look uncannily similar to a more upright version of the aliens from the movie “signs,” standing back to back in the only lit up area around seems like the most logical decision. especially since we were cut off from the truck.) as soon as we position ourselves, my friend saw that same alien that walked in front of us hover at a 45 degree angle toward the top of one of the pine trees. he lost it at this point. full panic and fear. we were shaking like leaves. the footsteps were getting louder as well and there seemed to be many more of them. all i could see on my end was these aliens hovering up and down the trees and eyes from the shadows peaking and ducking in and out.

after a couple minutes of this we decided to get to the truck. so he kept his back to mine as i walked ever so slowly into the shadows to get to the truck only 50 ft away. it was the longest short walk of my life. the pure fear i felt i cannot describe. we made it to the truck and jumped in the bed of the truck and lied down. my friend griped his .38 as i griped the hilt of my sword, and we lay there…..And neither one of us can remember anything after that. we don’t remember falling asleep, or waking up, or driving home. we don’t remember any of it. i have been contemplating going to a hypnotist for a memory recall. i want to know what happened with the rest of that night.

i wish we had more than our word but we didn’t own anything better than flip phones when most of these encounters happened, if we owned a phone at all. plus, i was always too amazed or afraid to even think about grabbing my phone.

i hope this helps get the truth out there. people have to understand something. we are part of something much, much bigger than ourselves. our planet has neighbors. we have neighbors! other human like beings come to earth sometimes. this connects our galaxies in the same way a road connects homes. the universe is a highway and planet earth is a destination on that road. we have to realize how unbelievably awesome that actually is. when we look at the galaxies in the night sky there is a good chance a bunch of intelligent beings with emotions and thoughts that could be similar to ours are staring right back at us in some distant time. me personally, it makes me hopeful. it makes me feel less alone. i hope this helps whoever reads it. all the stories and videos and pictures that have been well documented over the years…..It’s real. it’s all real.

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