UFO Sighting in Leesburg, Florida on 2017-05-11 00:00:00 – Saw it from patio and had laser calcucations of 98 ft. hovering over lake.

They were greyies looking for people to experiment. i was sitiing on my patio from apartment going to smoke. when i saw a object hovering over the lake back of apt. cpomplex. i went to get two computer laser finders from closet that use to work width. and set it outside to measure craft. it got its attention and i pulled up equipment and went inside apartment. i when into my patio enclosed to smoke and off to my right i saw white light for a second. 30 seconds later i’m looking at 7 greys looking at me. one was taller than all and started a communication by telepathy. i ask why you here” he said recon but spiecmen gathering”< i ask " what does your kind what with us". ask the c0ndition of your spieces to do this"? he said we are losing a war and homeworld is 150 of your time of total collopse from star. and at war with the blues. they noticed that i was a twin with abilities. and bigger than most men.

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