UFO Sighting in Meteghan, Nova Scotia on 2017-05-10 20:20:00 – Two objects, same shape, no visible emission on a cloudless evening just before dusk. disappeared then reappeared in different place in the sky.

I was driving towards yarmouth from church point yesterday evening when i spotted one dumbbell/cigar shaped object hovering in the southern sky. at first i thought it could be a plane the sun was setting, and it would make sense that it could reflect that strongly. but then i noticed there was no emission…Zero…Coming from the craft. i called my husband and told him what i was seeing when second object appeared out of nowhere! as i turned a corner on the highway they disappeared from view. i was bummed. then 5 minutes later they reappeared in the same general direction. a few minutes later one disappeared, then both. then about 3 minutes later another appeared this time towards the western sky. it floated slowly across the horizon and then disappeared.

the object was significantly larger than a standard jetliner i would normally see in nova scotia skies. nova scotia is one of the busiest flight paths from international flights reaching us/canada destinations. the outline of the object was fuzzy and the object(s) themselves were glaringly bright. the shape of the object was cigar-shaped but with indents in from each respective edge similar to a dumbbell.

i felt excited when i was the objects (enough to call my husband and tell him what i saw!). i said out loud, “hey! i see you! i wonder where you’re from?”

i lost sight of the object(s) when i took my eye off of it (them) as i continued my drive to town

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