Black Triangle Sighting in Myrtle Point, Oregon on 2009-10-28 20:09:00 – Triangle shaped middle light was tube about 15 feet high with handrail all white. someone ? dressed in white by handrail

Went out to smoke cigarette, heard hum looked up and saw 4 lights triangle shape 1 in the middle.Grabbed my binoculars off table by the door, clear night and could not see stars between lights. i looked at middle light it was not a regular light it was a cylinder shape about 15 feet high with a handrail at the top all bright white there was also a person or being dressed in white standing at the handrail,pulled binoculars away from my eyes said what the — put the binoculars back up but angle was gone so i was not looking straight up and it looked like a light again. the triangle object turned west to south and went over the mountains

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