UFO Sighting in Amityville, New York on 1984-01-31 00:00:00 – Ufo interrupts tv transmission

Sometime during the early to late eighties (1984?) i was living in amityville, ny which is on the south shore of long island. i was in my bedroom on the lower floor of my house watching tv with my fiance. i was sitting in a chair, facing a large window and the tv was on to my right. my fiance was in the bed in front of me to my left. we both had a clear view of the tv. suddenly, i noticed that the sky outside was lit up like it was broad daylight and the tv quickly lost it’s transmission and the screen became very “snowy”

i looked at the tv and the picture of what we were watching was replaced with what looked like the interior of a “spaceship”. there was a wall of drawers (like those in a hospital morgue) and one of them opened. the drawer came out with a man in a silver suit (with no insignia or patches) lying down on it. he had what looked like dark glasses on his face. he sat up and looked around slowly. after a few seconds…The snowy tv screen cleared up and went back to the tv program that we were watching.

during the entire incident, i was pointing at the tv screen, trying to say something but was unable to speak. my fiance was looking at me and saying: “what the hell is wrong with you?” i asked him if he saw what had just happened on the tv, but he said that he hadn’t seen anything.
the next day, one of my friends told me that there might have been a ufo sighting in the area.

i want to confirm this sighting to make sure that i am not crazy and did see what i saw, even though my fiance says he did not see it. because i think i may have been abducted at some point a few years after that incident. i have unexplained marks and reactions in my skin that i cannot explain where they came from. i hear high pitched sounds and experience burning sensations at certain points under my skin (as if something may have been implanted.)

please help me

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