UFO Sighting in Centerville, Pennsylvania on 2017-05-12 23:40:00 – Orange white flashing lights darting across sky

On may 12 2017 at 1140 p.M. we were driving on route 8 and just approaching route 77 near centerville pennsylvania. noticed orange and white lights flashing, moving incredibly fast across the sky in front of us….We said, that can’t be an airplane…It’s moving like mach 10 speed. we then saw it do a hard turn, like a right angle turn and it just stopped and hovered with the lights being solid now. we thought…Is it a helicopter….They don’t move that fast nor do they stop in mid air like that…..After about 15 seconds of watching this staying still on a very clear cloudless sky, it vanished. we then realized that we just witnessed something very amazing that was without any doubts, from another world. exciting, beautiful, mysterious.

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