UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on 2014-12-29 20:30:00 – Three bright orange orbs. two leading at same pace, followed by another which was traveling faster, seeming to try to catch up. sw to w

It was about 8:30 in the evening on december 29, 2014. i was sitting on my front porch swing which faces west. i had just moved to florida 2 months ago and i was enjoying the warm evening and the night sky (more stars than ny where i came from). suddenly, i saw two bright orange orbs come from the south west. they were traveling at an even pace with each other but at a slight distance apart (one in front of the other). the one in the front disappeared behind trees. at this time, another glowing orb appeared from the same direction traveling faster than the other two. it seemed to be “catching up” to the others. the second orb then went behind the trees. the third, still at a faster pace, a few seconds later, then disappeared behind the trees. there was no sound from the lights. i have a direct point of reference as to the size of the lights: about 1/4 mile away there is an electric tower with a flashing red light on top. the orange lights were approximately the same size as the tower light, but they seemed higher in the sky. the whole scenario took maybe 30 seconds before all three of the lights disappeared from my line of vision behind the trees. i cannot be positive they changed direction due to trees, but it did seem they made a soft westerly turn. as soon as i saw these orbs/lights, my first thought was, “holy s- – -! i’m seeing ufos!” i got chills and gooseflesh. i don’t believe i even blinked during the time i watched.

i called 911. two deputies came about 15 minutes later even though i told 911 this was an “fyi” and they didn’t need to send anyone over. the deputies asked me a few questions. i asked if they had any other similar calls, but they couldn’t say.

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