UFO Sighting in Bourne, England on 2017-03-09 18:49:00 – I was witness to a star-like ufo while at work making deliveries.

***taken from my blog where i wrote about my encounter***

on the evening of the 9th of ‎march ‎2017, i was witness to a ufo over the skies of lincolnshire in england on a long stretch of road between the villages of gosberton and dowsby.

it was a cool evening and almost dark, with no street lights nearby and very little around me apart from flat fields which are typical for this part of the country, with only the odd tree and a few bushes to break up the dull landscape.

on the night in question i was travelling from gosberton to the market town of bourne, by way of dowsby, while at work as a supermarket delivery driver. while travelling west along the long fen road i noticed a small, white light in the sky directly ahead of me, completely on its own. at first i paid it no mind as it just looked like any other star you would see in the night sky. but shortly afterwards i began to wonder why there was only the one star with no others visible at the time.

this puzzled me and, seeing as i had a good bit of spare time before i was due to make my next delivery, i decided to pull over and take a short break. the road was deserted and so i parked at the side to relax for a few minutes. i was intrigued by what i was seeing and was wondering why only a single star would be visible. i thought about it for a short while but then came to the conclusion that rather than being a star, it is probably the international space station. after all, it seemed to be too close to be a star.

i took out my phone and, seeing that i had a 4g connection, googled “space stations” and the first result was the website for nasa’s “spot the station” page, which i tapped on to see what information the site contained regarding what i could see in front of me. i looked around on the website out of curiosity and found a list of about twenty different times that week that the iss would be visible from my location. i looked at the time and it was ‏‎18:41 pm.

what puzzled me was the fact that this time wasn’t listed on the website for that day. i forget the exact times but i can say that they were all am times, with no listings for pm or evening times. i thought this was quite odd and assumed maybe it was a mistake on the site, so i tried to find any other lists of times that would correspond to my sighting for that day. again, the two other lists of times i found online were exactly the same as the first one.

it was at this point that i began to wonder if what i was seeing actually wasn’t a star or the iss, but something… else. but what, exactly? i wanted to try and find out.

other thoughts began to occur to me. was there another space station that i was unaware of? i assumed there was only the iss, but i supposed it was possible that any country with a space program could have one; russia, china, india… so again, i googled “space stations”. turns out there are a few, or have been. like i thought, china does in fact have two up there, the tiangong-2 and the defunct tiangong-1, so that makes for a total of three. however, upon looking for the tiangong-1 & 2 visibility times, they too did not correspond to the time it currently was.

so… it’s not a star or a space station. perhaps it’s a planet? i knew that mercury, venus and mars could be seen by the naked eye and upon googling it, i learned that both jupiter and saturn could also be seen.

so was it one of these planets i was looking at? time was getting on a bit now and i would have to make a move soon if i wanted to stay on schedule with my deliveries, but i had to know what i was looking at.
back to google, i typed in “which planets are visible tonight from lincolnshire uk”. it loaded for a moment and then the list of results came up, but this is when the truly bizarre thing happened. before i began reading or tapping on links, i looked up at the small white light in the sky, still hovering where it had been, and then… it vanished for one second. gone. then it came back for probably two seconds… and then it was gone again. it didn’t come back.

i was stunned. what the hell was that? where had it gone? it couldn’t have been clouds passing in front of it, the disappearance was too sudden. i felt excitement and anxiety, with a good helping of puzzlement as well. i waited around 5 minutes for it to reappear, but it didn’t. i would have waited longer, but sadly i needed to continue on with my delivery run and was beginning to fall behind.

the object in question can be seen in the center of the sky in the attached photo. i am kicking myself that i did not get it on video, but at least i was able to get one photo before it vanished.

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