Black Triangle Sighting in Texas on 2017-05-14 07:30:00 – Roundish triangle ufo photographed.

I was standing outside smoking while out in the yard with my dogs, at around 7:30am. i happened to look up at the sky and saw it coming towards me. at first it just looked like a flat metallic line. as it got closer, i observed it was this weird led colored roundish triangle with the front of the craft supper reflective. i had my phone with me so i started taking pictures of it. i have a samsung galaxy 6, and it did not capture the best quality photos of it. as i alternated gawking at this thing and taking pictures, i observed it coming from the south. i then hovered for a moment, and rotated a bit to its slide. i stopped taking pictures at this point and just was looking at it. it then turned towards the north east drifted towards the rising sun, and disappeared. almost like it blinked out. it was there, then gone.

please keep in mind, i had to zoom in on the pictures and take a screen shot. it does not do the object justice. i told my friend about it who was coming over later, so he brought his slr camera. i am waiting for him to upload the pictures to me…Because we saw more of them today. what the heck is going on in dallas?

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