UFO Sighting in Frankston, Texas on 2017-05-13 21:57:00 – My entire family witnessed this event. reminded me of phoenix az! several objects seen.

around 9:15 i was taking my dog out for a walk last night. as soon as i step out the door i look up to see several orange lights. i called my wife and told her to come outside. she came out and froze in her tracks. looking towards the south, we counted between 8-10 objects moving in formation to the west. they appeared to stop and hover, ascend and descend.
then something happened that we have never seen or heard. every dog in the neighborhood started howling. not coyotes, but dogs. my dog didn’t want to leave the yard. and he’s a 100lb pitt bull!
—> . ‘.’, .’ ‘, ‘ the formation looked like this. the one that lagged behind was at one time i the middle of the formation. eventually it was the last one in the sky. almost stationary it started moving west again, and then with the blink of an eye it lit out. there should have been a “sonic boom” it took of so fast. the line of sight angle that i had wasn’t very steep, so they couldn’t have been very high.
after we did hear a chopper coming from the west, and it appeared to me it was searching. the light hitting the tree tops kind’a gave it away. also, an emt life flight flies over just about every night. we know the sound of it, and it’s flight path. but last night that bird’s flight path was different. it made a wide arc around our location. did it deviate? or was that bird redirected? if so, why? i went back inside and looked at the clock and it was 9:57.

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