UFO Sighting in Weston, Colorado on 2017-05-13 00:00:00 – I filmed a grey black swirl portal open up and ufo (its dark and blurry but totally noticable) ufo came into view from portal

Walked outside and had a sense to start filming the horizon. grey black portal distortion appeared and ufo came into view through portal i took a picture in addition to video. its not the greatest quality iphone plus but its clear as day. i didn’t fully realize what i had until i uploaded to laptop and viewed on big screen.

three days before this i filmed a green orb at the garden of the gods, its in full motion on the video.

one month i woke up to my third eye dent on my forehead and black below and running down my eyes. i paniced and went into a state of shock. when shock subsided i took a picture of the third eye dent and it shows black running out of the “dent”

i woke up 3 weeks ago with a welt in the shape of small sunglasses and took a picture

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