UFO Sighting in Victoria, British Columbia on 2017-03-14 23:16:00 – Three stationary star like ufo observed by mount tolmie victoria bc may 12 2017 may 14 2017

At 11:16 pm may 12 2017 i walking home from tuscany village thrifty foods after getting grocery and observed irregular beautiful glowing large star in sky it was stationary and seemed to stay that way for about five or so minutes. until it started to move in bizarre way i observed two other objects similar to the east one was stationary and one of the objects seem to be hovering around it in a counter clockwise like motion. before the stationary object became also mobile as well the two objects seemed to move towards the original stationary star i was observing. i tried to video record and photograph these objects with my cell phone the photo’s were unable to capture the objects however i was able to make two short recordings of these objects although the two secondary objects do not seem to have appeared in great detail i think this was due to the elevation they were at the weather conditions were mostly clear with a few clouds. the three objects seemed to be interacting with one another and quite aware they also seemed to avoid collisions before two of the objects elevated and departed at high speed i lost sight of them nor do i know there direction as they departed out my sight in high speed. the one original object i was observing seemed to head towards mount tolmie in a south eastern flight path at high speed as it ascended out of my sight.

i originally thought this object’s to be a bright star when they started to move i was perplexed i thought they might be ball lightning or possibly drones of some kind or some sort of surveillance craft however i dismissed this after witnessing there odd air maneuvers their size appeared to be quite large and bright. i also wondered if they might be some sort of foo fighter?

the encounter lasted less then 10 minutes. i have no idea what they are however.

on may the 14th at 10:34 i noticed two gentlemen looking at as i was catching the local bus to get to work the sky and was shocked to see the same sort of stationary star like object i began to speak to one of the gentlemen as the other man departed. as i started to record what i was seeing on my cell phone the clips included are short as i had to get to work unfortunately and i do not know the witnesses name. however he did say he thought the object was the moon however it seemed to be low in the sky which he thought was odd and that grabbed his attention as something did not seem right. he also told me when camping on denman island last week he was by the shore and noticed similar objects however over the ocean and descend into it

the aerial star like object we both observed for a period of 10 minutes departed at high speed into the east.One thing i do find odd though when recording the object in the sky it made no sound however when viewing my cell phone video later as the object starts to move there is a strange audible sound which i cant explain.

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