UFO Sighting in Wilmington, Delaware on 2017-04-23 12:51:00 – Looked like nothing ive ever seen

I was parked in the car around 12:51 looking through the sunroof at some high clouds. cirrocumulus if we’re being specific. they were very very high up. i was waiting for my friend to get off of work, killing time.

so i see this oval / egg shaped object going over my little cloud formation. so this thing was much much higher up than commercial flights. it was going northeast to southwest, never turned or anything, almost acted like it was in orbit. it looked almost like a drop of water or bead of glass, seemed to refract light or something. water crawling down a pane of glass is the best way i can describe the way it played with the light. it was blended in really well and had i not been looking rather intently at the spot it passed over i never would have seen it. it was harder than looking at satellites in the night sky by a longshot. the sun did reflect off of it once, giving it a much more metallic appearance for an instant. i couldnt really gauge the size, but it would have to be kind of large, at least in comparison to planes. it wasnt miles wide or anything like that though. i never really wondered what it could be while looking at it. it was totally unfamilliar. the thing just crept along the sky until i lost sight of it.

the more i think about it more i think mufon should be informed. so here i am!

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