UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2014-06-17 00:00:00 – I saw a ufo hovering over the city of charlotte, nc.

One night i was driving home from work and was pulling up to the entrance into my neighborhood. it was a clear night and if you are driving down the road the right direction then you always get a nice little view of the city of charlotte’s skyline. on this particular night i noticed a bunch of glowing red lights in a half circular pattern moving towards one of the towers from my west. i began to slow down because i was concerned that whatever it was would hit the skyscraper and that i was about to view a terrorist attack or something of that nature. however, as i continued to slow and watch the lights move, they stopped all together right next to the building and hovered in the sky for about half a minute before taking off towards my north in less than a second. i checked social media that night and alien sighting websites (besides this one), and found nothing too similar to my event besides people who had seen red lights in the past before just in other locations. the only person who saw what i saw was my friend who had posted a photo of the lights that i had seen on instagram. that photo is my only proof that this happened on the night that i claim because instagram records all dates of their account postings. when i asked my friend what he saw and how he got the picture, he claimed that he “saw nothing” and doesn’t know how he “posted the picture” claiming that “it just happened”. granted he also claimed to be under the influence of psychedelics that night, but the picture still exists regardless.

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