UFO Sighting in Kitchener, Ontario on 2017-05-08 00:00:00 – Observed flight path directly overhead. white lights flashing

I was taking out garbage in my yard. i like to look up at the sky at night. the moon was pretty full and to the west of my house. i was looking up at the moon. (i apologize, i don’t know the exact date. i didn’t think to report it at the time)

i could see lights flashing in the sky and assumed it was a plane. (planes fly overhead all the time.) but it was more lights than a plane and only white. also not the standard flashing (timing) like plane lights, no red light. no sound of an airplane. whatever it was it was very quiet. i watched it come from the west, seemingly directly over my yard and past. i watched it until i couldn’t see it anymore. i was looking really hard for a red light like a plane, particularly as it was moving away to the east. i only saw the white lights the whole time. they seemed to turn on and off in sequence, there seemed to be at least 3 lights on at all times. from the way the lights were flashing the object could have been circular, but i could see no shape or outline, only the lights against the night sky.
it’s path was straight. it was not moving fast, it took at least 3 minutes from when i saw it to losing sight of it. it just faded into the distance.

i was excited thinking this may have been the real thing. i came in and told my husband i had just seen a ufo, and explained what i saw to him. he asked if i filmed it…Well no…I don’t have a camera or a smart phone in my hands when i’m taking garbage out. but i know what i saw (and didn’t hear) it wasn’t a plane.

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