Black Triangle Sighting in Kankakee, Illinois on 2017-05-17 21:57:00 – From center of the sky, travled 1/3 to southern horizon in 4 seconds stopped 3 seconds, then started zig zaging to southwest

1. i was near cobb park, in kankakee, illinois, usa. 2. i was looking at the big dipper. 3. i first thought that it was a jet plane. 4. it looked like a large jet planewith flashing strobes but the colors were (white, red, green, bright but dark blue.) it never made any sound and it was quick! it seemed to be at an extremely high altitude. my father was a pilot and i have been around planes all my life, including in the military. it looked to be in an excesse of 100 thousand feet, and at that altitude it looked to be the width of my thumb, which wouldseem to make it way larger than the any plane that i know of. plus it was insanely quick. it traveled from the center of the cup portion of the big dipper which was almost straight above me, in the middle of the night sky straight south 1/3 of the way to the southern in 4 seconds. at which time it just stopped for about 4 seconds then it changed direction and started moving to the south west in a zig-zag pattern this continued for another 4 seconds. then with a sprial or circular bright blue white flash it simply vanished. 5. th3 really weird thing, and i’m somewhat embarrassed to say this it seemed that it was aware of me watching it, it almost seemed to be interactive. shortly there after i felt dizzy. 6. the object came to a stop a spiral of bright blue white lite and a bright flash and it simply vanished.

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