UFO Sighting in Aventura, Florida on 2017-05-13 11:44:00 – I was photographing this amazing rainbow- ring around sun. i looked at photos, there’s a blue orb flying ‘ll around very fast. great distances in only seconds. my wife doesn’t believe in ufo’s and is mystified as well.

On saturday, may 13 i went to my condominium’s pool with wife and 2 kids. my wife and i noticed something spectacular in the sky; there was a beautiful rainbow-ring around the sun. it was too bright to stare at so i laid back on the lounge chair and blindly snapped off 5 or 6 photos in about a 5 second period. tonight, may 17 at 10:30 pm i was looking at these photos for the first time. the first photo shows nothing unusual just the ring phenomenon around the sun. however, in the second photo taken 1 second later, it shows a disk, or blue-disk surrounded by a blue aura, and there’s a trail of more blue aura ahead of this blue disk which looks like it was created by a different craft or object. the third photo shows the blue object clearer, and moving. however, in the fourth photo, taken an instant later, the object has moved a great distance (maybe dozens of miles or more) and the image is clearer still. the last photo shows it having done a u-turn. i never saw any of this with my naked eye. after all, i was trying to photograph the sun. i would have kept taking photos if i saw it in the sky. my photos are bizarre if you are expecting to rationalize what that blue glowing object is that flies at supersonic speeds and then does a u-turn.
please help! if this a natural phenomenon then why do my photos show an object. why is the object moving rapidly yet still maintaining it’s same form and shape? why did it do a u-turn and not keep going in same direction? please give me your best reasonable explanation because i’m baffled — except to say it’s a visitor(s).

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