UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-04-20 18:30:00 – Randomly caught it while recording myself on my iphone

I went on a hike and took a random slow motion video of myself in highland park because i thought the lighting and setting was beautiful. a couple of weeks later, i was editing the video to add music to the clip and i noticed something. i didn’t really think anything of it, until i started to see other objects. i wasn’t sure what the objects were. and then i saw the roundish object on the left that changed direction. it couldn’t be a bird or a drone, because it wasn’t visible to the naked eye in regular time when it moved. and the fact that it moved so fast in slow motion just blew my mind. it changed direction like a loop. and then the bright objects shooting around me looked like shooting stars, but they were below the clouds. they could have been debris, but why would they be glowing? my feelings on this was astonishment and excitement, but also confusion. i would love to get your input.

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