UFO Sighting in Walpole Island, Ontario on 2017-05-15 21:15:00 – Stationary very large object that is bright, white & silver flashes lights

I went for a ride with my mom to town just before sunset on this calm, cloudless night, very dark with no moon. the time listed is pretty accurate because as we got to the river, the sun went down on the west side of the island.

as i went to the car to put the key in, i had a premonition that i would see a ufo as it reminded me of the dark night when i seen the giant black triangle in december a few years ago (mufon case #74033)

we went to town and when we returned home, i asked my mom to go for a drive to finish our ice creams but i really wanted to see the ufo if it was going to be there.

driving from the bridge on tecumseh highway, just past nahdee lane, i seen a giant stationary disk-like object below the clouds flashing lights. it was silver and white colored. it was a very large object, about 4 times as large as a large commercial airline. it was out-of-place to be so low in the sky and not moving. i could not tell how far away it was.

a few months ago, i took tecumseh highway and followed a very low, out-of-place red light that appeared to be on the st. clair river but it was much farther away in michigan.

i watched this giant white silver object for several seconds as i drove us from nahdee lane to the walpole island day school where i couldn’t see it anymore because of the trees.

i had another premonition that my mom would drop her ice cream from her cone. i told myself to not tell my mother about the ufo i was looking at because she would drop her ice cream from fear or surprise.

i didn’t tell my mom about the ufo. she dropped her ice cream anyways several seconds after i couldn’t see the ufo anymore.

seeing this object made me very happy. i’m trying not to be scared anymore but seeing this object made me very happy.

when i seen the giant black triangle a few years ago, that was scary because it was right over our heads.

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