UFO Sighting in Liberty, Texas on 2017-04-26 18:48:00 – The objects were not visible to the naked eye.

I was sitting on the porch just off of my bedroom watching traffic and visiting with my husband. there were storm clouds off in the distance just east of us that felt weird. sort of like a low pitched humming i could feel more than i could hear. it seemed to affect the birds as well because they all just seemed to stop flying around and singing like they normally would. it seemed eerily quiet except for the feel and subtle noise of the hum. i decided to take pictures because something seemed different about these clouds; they didn’t seem normal.I didn’t see the objects in the sky, it wasn’t until i took the pictures that i could see them in the photo. after the first couple of photos i took pictures about every 10 minutes or so until they all passed. first it was the strange clouds that felt eerie then a rainbow then a cluster of cumulus looking clouds that were extremely bright, i don’t know if it’s normal for clouds that are opposite the sun to have a glow to them but the last bit of clouds seemed to have a glow within them. all i know is that the last bit of clouds was so bright i could hardly look at them but they were so beautiful i had to take a picture

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