UFO Sighting in Thorndale, Texas on 2017-05-19 00:00:00 – Large green fireball with orange-yellow tail in the east around midnight, long rumble not long after but i don’t know if that was thunder

I was in bed, my son had just returned home around midnight, and through my large picture window i saw a bright green ball fall from the sky in the east, slightly left to right, and as it was falling there was an orange/yellow trail. it lasted long enough for me to have a short conversation with my husband before it went out just above the treeline. it was very big and bright–maybe just a little smaller than the full moon looks in that same spot. not long after it was gone i heard a low rumble that i would think is thunder but it lasted much longer than i have noticed one rumble of thunder. then something scattered on the roof, like a handful of pebbles. there are no trees or other structures by my roof.

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