UFO Sighting in Varmahlíð, on 1978-07-03 14:00:00 – Three lights in the cloudee sky

In julie 1978 i vare 7 yer old. i where driving from akureyri to sstykkishólmur with mi parents. in varmahlíð we have a litle stop for a fod and drink. after that we head on to the mountain road that is a head.
it is very cloudy windy and rainy day, after while of driving i see lights out of mi window 3 lights in the clouds they are shining bright but not blinding, few second after the lights start too fade out. when the lights where fading out i see black vertical line in them all. and slowly they turn a way and disappears. when i were watching i tried to see if it was a plain or a helicopter but could never figerout, i later think reflection in mi window

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