UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-05-20 04:40:00 – 1sr an electrical short sound then a loud almost sonic boom sound flash of orange bright light then electricity went out then the same order then electricity came on

I was laying in bed asleep i suddenly woke up i was looking out my window when i heard something that sounded like an electrical shortage then i heard like a sonic boom sound so loud i shook with a flash of bright orange light i sat up and looked out the window the object (or whatever) was no more than 20-30 feet from my window at tree level in the apartment parking lot my son walked in my room and asked if i saw the flash of light i said yes the power then went out we talked a minute no more than 2 minutes he walked out back to his room and i laid back down a minute or 2 later then it happened again in the same order a static electrical shortage sound a big sonic boom a flash of bright orange light and then the electrical power came back on i stood up and looked out my window thinking someone crashed into an electric pole didn’t see anything so i laid down and about 20-30 minutes later a police car was across the street i was sure there was an accident i then went back to sleep in the morning i look to see if there was a sign of an accident or a fire or a power pole knocked down and i saw nothing not really sure what it was that i witnessed but i felt a little more assured i didn’t dream that and that my son saw the same thing we just really do not know what it is it can’t be explained i don’t know what i even witnessed just wondering if anyone out there has seen the same thing

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