UFO Sighting in Franklin, Tennessee on 2015-11-01 02:00:00 – Moved from 10deg to 30deg over 1min. moved from 35deg to 90deg within 1sec. disappeared in a flash.

So i was outside my house smoking a cig at about 2:00am. it was a clear cold night. as i take a drag, i look up at the sky looking for shooting stars to pass the time. my eye catches what i believed to be a plane coming off of the horizon. as it draws closer i notice there are no red or green lights where the wings should be. the only light on it was a bright white light, from my point of view, pointing in a slightly downward position. as it clears the tree line i notice now quickly it is actually moving. it was dark so i didn’t have any idea just how fast it was going. it clears the trees, and is directly above me in about 1.5 seconds. just as it passes my couldesack it flashes very brightly, iighting up the houses around me and disappears with no sound. i put my half smoked cig out and went inside immediately.

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