UFO Sighting in Newton, Massachusetts on 1970-07-31 00:00:00 – Ufo appeared slowly from behind my neighbors house. it moved very slowly in straight line toward rear of yard where i lost sight of it bc it moved behind their huge barn. my sister was with me. we both watched in awe

I was outside in my yard playing with other kids in the neighborood. it was still light out but after supper hours. my sister and i were standing in our yard, together when i noticed the ufo appear slowly from the left side of my neighbors house. i was totally fixated it was unreal! the craft moved very slowly, from the left to the right(toward my neighbor’s rear yard). it made no sound. it had multiple lights around the outer edge of the bottom of the craft. the lights were different colors (primary colors) red, green, yellow. they were alternating in their blinking pattern. the bottom of the craft was circular. i was fixated on the lights. i said out loud, to my sister,who was standing beside me, “what is that?” . as the ufo continued to move from left to right, i saw the entire craft between the house and the barn that is also situated on mt neighbors property at the rear end . this gives a very good indication if the size of the craft. i only saw the (whole) craft briefly as it continued to move slowly in front of the barn, out of my sight. i expected to see it reappear once it passed the barn so i kept looking to my right, toward my backyard. the craft did not appear. i was so stunned. after a few moments, i cautiously began walking across my yard, and into my neighbors yard looking for the craft. it was no where. i looked up into the sky. nothing.The craft just disappeared i guess. just gone!! nothing !! we called the police to report the incident. i still think about it to this day. my sister and i know that what we saw was a craft not of this world. our sighting was over 40 years ago. although i have moved, i recently visited my neighbor who still lives in the house next to the one i grew up in. i visited her with my eldest son whom i have recounted my story to many many times. as we were leaving my old neighbors house, i told the story again. i would love the opportunity to show and tell what my sister and i saw to an investigator. it was and still is a most amazing event.

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