UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2012-08-06 00:00:00 – The object was hovering and following me as i was walking my dog down the street.

I would first like to state that this is not my first nor my last experience with ufo’s. they have been following me most of my life and have been seen by both of my parents at our home. this is the first time however that i have been chased down the street by one which is why i am choosing this experience to post since it was the most concerning. unfortunately i did not bring my cell phone with me at that time so i have no footage or pictures therefore this is just my personal testimony with only my dog as a witness, though my dog has since passed away. i walked my dog down the street in a western direction and did not notice anything (but to be honest i wasn’t looking). as i crossed the street heading the 1/2 mile walk towards my home going in an eastern direction, my dog was “doing his thing” and it wasn’t something i particularly wanted to watch so, as i tend do, i looked up into the sky. the sun was barely setting and it was still bright out but i noticed a bright dot in the sky above me. i just assumed it was a bright star beginning to show. my dog was ready to move to i walked about 10 feet and he “did his thing” and i looked up in the sky again. i noticed a bright “star” directly above me again. i thought that was weird and looked towards the west as that was the direction i was when i first observed it. there was nothing over there. now i remember from school that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. there is no way that the “star” i saw 10 feet behind me could have moved in the eastern direction i was walking. that goes against that principle of the earth’s rotation. my dog and i began to walk again but this time i did not take my eyes away from the “star”. it followed me down the street. i became very alarmed and though my rational mind was trying to think of something other than what i knew it to be, i wanted to be sure of what was happening. so, my poor dog along for the ride, i began to move around in various directions. running under trees and instead of going straight i’d turn around and quickly run back to where i was and it continued to follow me. when i would run i would see it actually change shape. it stayed a bright white color the entire time but when it would move fast it would change from a round object to a round object but with a point and quickly change back to a round object. i would walk/run up and down the street, even crossing the street and it continued to follow me. as i got to the corner before crossing a major street towards the street my house was on, i just stood there watching it. i noticed in my peripheral vision that an airplane was flying in a southwestern direction by towards the object. i waited wanting to know what it was going to do. as the plane got closer, and i did not even blink, the object disappeared. it didn’t jump or fly away quickly. nope, just plain ole: “now you see me, now you don’t.”. i stayed there for a couple more minutes looking around and didn’t see it reappear. i crossed the street and headed towards my home. i continued to watch the sky looking everywhere around but didn’t see anything. it wasn’t until i was about 5-6 houses away from my house that i saw it. it was hovering directly over my home, as if it knew where i live. which, considering how many sightings there has been over my home, i wasn’t surprised but was a little pissed off to be honest. as i was getting closer to my home it didn’t move. it wasn’t until i noticed my father walk out of the house that the object did that disappearing trick it did before. i have not had that type of experience since but my dogs have passed away so i don’t walk down the street much anymore. however, as i have stated, there were many more experiences afterwards. majority happen at night and yes, there is always, always black helicopters following about 10-15 minutes later, in the direction the objects would fly. i did inform my parents of this incident, my dad has had experiences with ufo sightings before so he believed me but my mom, at the time, didn’t. it wasn’t until she actually saw one for herself, the exact way i would describe to her that they would fly over our house at night, she believed me then. and even more so when 10 minutes later, we watched as the helicopter fly in the direction the object went. i am also concerned of possible abductions but i just don’t have proof nor memory recall and i don’t know how i could recall the gaps in my memories that i do have. but this incident i remember with perfect clarity as if it just happened its just taken me awhile to decide whether i wanted to report it because i just feel alone and crazy in it but realized, that’s probably what many people feel in this type of situation so its time i just put it out there and see what happens. thank you for your time.

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