Alien Encounter in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2017-05-23 04:54:00 – Sleepwalk or sleeprun into my bedroom wall

I started drinking sometime afer 8:55 pm… i had a total of five beers,
natural ice, until around after two am and i listened to youtube all the time real loud… i was drunk before i layed down and was aware of my surroundings… my neighbors saw me smoking cigarettes
i layed down in my bed wel after 2:00 am and i woke up at
4:54 am. my head was throbbing and i was half asleep and partially concious
but very tired… i remember running because this is the most i have drank
in a long time. i was scared. i then ran into the wall on the right side of my computer desk…
i have the pysical marks on my face and i will attach a photo of me
and the part of the wall…

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