UFO Sighting in Abilene, Texas on 2017-05-10 17:52:00 – Ufo was cloaked in the top of the only cloud present on a very blue and sunny day. i initially looked up because i felt like i was being watched. several people in town saw it.

i was in our backyard playing with our dogs and waterering the yard. i kept feeling like i was being watched from a higher elevation. i assumed one of the neighbors was working on their roof. i turned to look right over our roof and noticed a cloaked shape, sitting in the top of the cloud, immediately. i took several pictures and even my 2 yr old lab/put-mix (dog) was looking up in the exact direction of the ufo. after about 5 minutes, i went inside to grab my 17 yr old daughter (i figured no one would believe me). we went to the front yard and she immediately saw the same shape trying to cloak itself in the clouds. we watched as two large birds flew toward the ufo and changed direction to avoid the shape. it seemed as if they had not been aware of the ufo until they were approximately 30 ft-40 ft away. after around 20 minutes total it sank down into the puffy cloud and dissipated. we took a few more pictures from the front yard before it disappeared. i felt really sleepy immediately after going inside, but after a 30 minute nap i was really energized the rest of the evening. my daughter felt more energetic following the siting as well. fyi…We live across the highway from dyess afb, and have witnessed several unusual things over the past year.

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