UFO Sighting in Bryan, Texas on 2017-05-24 07:12:00 – Spherical object hovered for 5 seconds, changed shape into an oblong cylinder and disappeared.

I was driving se on us hwy 47 (riverside parkway)in bryan, tx at approximately 7:12 am on 05/24/2017. just before i took my exit (hsc parkway), i noticed the object hovering over what appeared to be the snook, tx area. this is near easterwood airport so i thought it was a plane. it didn’t move so i then thought maybe a helicopter, but the shape was not quite right.

it appeared shimmery, about the size of a basketball, and at a high altitude (i am guessing maybe 1-2 miles). i was driving so my attention wavered from the road to the object. it disappeared as i was halfway down the exit ramp.

object appeared to be spherical in shape at first, then changed into an oblongish cylinder before disappearing entirely. it left no trails or smoke. it was there and then gone. the sighting lasted approx. 5-10 seconds. weather conditions are below:

pressure 29.86 in
visibility 10.0 miles
clouds clear
dew point 56 °f
humidity 77%
rainfall 0.00 in

i have no video, however this object looked similar to some other videos i have seen (and did not believe, until now). upon request, i could provide a similar video as a reference.

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