UFO Sighting in Kennewick, Washington on 1956-05-31 00:00:00 – Hovering approx. 50′ above highest point. sport model.

In 1956 while living in kennewick, wa. the population noticed an object over the highest point between mcnary dam on the columbia river and the hanford nuclear reservation. (my father worked there for 23yrs.). the media reported the object as a “weather baloon”. my dad had other ideas having observed “foo fighters” while serving in the navy. he took me along, (i was 3yrs of age), to a wheet field approx. a mile away. he observed the object through binoculars and then handed them to me. he told me that i was looking at a foo fighter. what i saw was a disk shaped object above the top of that point. i was so excited that when we returnd home, he poured me a 1/2 shot of bourbon to calm me down. (@nd & 3rd observation to follow…) 2nd sighting: age 11. while smoking a cigarette, i observed five objects in a diamond pattern, leaving the nuclear reservation, they headed east and north and slowly moved upward, coming togather as a single object headed towards the north star. 3rd sighting: approx. 9:oopm. while sitting in a cell at high desert prison in nov, 18th 1995, i observed a singular object extremely bright yet cast no shaddow moving across the prison yard at an altatude of 200′. it dissapeared over the hill lying before me, approx a month later, cattle mutalations were reported to me having occured at that date. another interesting fact that relates to all of this::: when i was about 12 or 13, my uncle had aquired a film from a man who he knew that worked for burlington northern rr. my uncle was very addament in my father viewing the film. the contents of that film are as follows. (i had kinda snuck down to the basement to watch… they did’nt know i was present.) the film turned out to be a dod film documenting the us’s nuclear weapons test, from trinity to the hydrogen above ground test at bikini. the last 45sec. of the film were the most interesting; a runway at a desert area, with a jet of the korean era parked facing a disk-shaped object. two half-tracks and two tanks were on either side of the runway. standing in front of three small aliens, (what have become known as ‘greys’, were two armed soldiers and president eisenhower who had an object that appeared to be rolled up papers, and he was handing those to the three aliens. if you connect all the dots; it appears to be documented footage of the treaty between the aliens’ and the u.S.. hmmm…

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