Black Triangle Sighting in Missouri on 2017-03-03 19:00:00 – 3 lights hovering over road

I was driving in the evening on hwy 67. i was headed south, somewhere between farmington and cherokee pass, i think. i was basically in the middle of nowhere. there were no other cars around or any houses or lights that i could see – everything was basically pitch black. then in the distance, i saw 3 lights in a triangle shape hovering in the dark somewhat low over the road – lower than what you would expect an aircraft or something of that nature to hover. it was dark so i couldn’t see any point of reference but i imagine it was maybe at the height of a tall tree line or just above that. they were white, round-shaped lights that reminded me of parking lot lamps. i couldn’t see what they were attached to but they were all level like they were attached to the underside of some flat object. the lights themselves seemed maybe basketball sized and the total size of the shape seemed like it would’ve been the size of a pickup truck, maybe a little bigger. i thought maybe it was a helicopter but as i got closer, it just didn’t look like that. it didn’t have blinking lights like planes normally do and it didn’t appear to be moving at all and it made no noise that i could hear. as i got closer, i could see that the lights did, in fact, look like they were attached to something. i got nervous because i was about to pass underneath it and couldn’t tell what it was, so i called a friend and told them what i was seeing but they had no idea what it was either. i ended up just driving underneath/past it and that was it. i saw it in my review mirror for a bit too. in total, i probably saw it for a couple minutes. it was too dark to see trees or power lines or to tell what else the lights could be attached to.

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