UFO Sighting in Apache Junction, Arizona on 2017-05-01 01:11:00 – A lot here everynight allnight long the day ones are invissible true trust me

Really 7+++++ years of laser terrorist torcher in the usa =living it now!! have you been laser torcher all day and night long i sure have !! evil here with sick laser torcher brain””ssssss !! or greed power ??!! come see the coward”ss top secret”ss sky laser war ship”ss !! have you seen on the inter net this yet 9/11 in plane site on youtube yet you must all of you ! and other top secret bull crap like south pole top secret”ss my===!! and in the grand canyon really top secret”ss !! there is no more bull crap top usa secret””ss only the money greed top secter”””ssssss so =so follow the greedy money !!!!!! find sick coward evil !!!!!! a lot more + more please call the real csi or cis + all usa jag”ss with usa trump thank””ss + real thank””ss usa !! thank + thank holy god are jesus for usa people like you and me !! usa laser terrorist coward central or ground zero !! 9:01am==5-25-2017-===more laser torcher on me again & again !!!!!!

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