UFO Sighting in Balurghat, on 2014-11-04 21:15:00 – A start like object moving mysteriously over sky.

We (with my 2 friends) were hanging out there(on a farmer’s land side road) and the sky was glass-clear. suddenly, we watched a flying object on the sky. we kept watching on the object for 4-5 mints long for it’s mysterious behavior. it was changing random altitude, going up-down (simultaneously and speedy) then sudden got stopped (totally) and blinking more brighter. again (after a while) it took a curve way towards west direction and before got invisible, it did a ultimate movement(that was totally non-physics behavior), it stopped again and then immediate went to the backward direction(to e/se) and again going up then to the w/sw direction and got invisible.

we had our mobile camera but was unable to take the footage clearly. we could not judge the distance of the object exactly but it might be at the passenger’s aircraft altitude. sorry for the poor english.

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