UFO Sighting in Friendswood, Texas on 2017-05-24 21:01:00 – At approx 9:00 pm central large bright object coming from the west cross over friendswood,tx no noise just extreme bright moving less than 5 miles per hour

I was outside my house when i saw an intense big round bright white object with intense brightness cross over my house and then moved very very slow towards webster,tx and houston area skies. it was flying a the same height as a commercial jetliner that passed by near the object. the brightness was so intense and well defined that many in the area must have seen it as well. i was able to go get my video camera after i had watched this object for at least 6 minutes prior to getting it on video. i had time to go inside my house and get my video camera and still managed to capture it on video. it was super intense and very bright. it had no strobe lights no flashes no noise and it is very visible on my video posted on youtube under mauricio ruiz same day of sighting.
the link is here https://youtu.Be/kmwvmzmrpye the object faded out of my camera lens sight.

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