UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-05-24 22:27:00 – I’ve witnessed, captured photos, and videos on a daily basis. they descend every night about 9pm. i walked outside to sit on patio and saw a glowing neon green orb on the ground. i began taking photos and it morphed into a huge t-shape with huge lights.

since december 2016, every single night about 2100, i go outback on my patio and watch these ufo’s and celestial being’s descend and take their place. i’ve witnessed over 13 different shapes, colors, and sizes of ufo’s and celestial beings in witch these flutter and fly as if they have wings. the red ones scare me in which these have wings, upper portion being human like and lower portion spinning with multicolored flashing lights. . these remind me of descriptions of some being’s in the book of revelation.There’s a huge white one in perticular that has a tiny blue and white sparkling sphere that stays a distance underneath it, following as “the queen” (as i call her) moves about nightly. i understand the importance of searching and studying ufo’s for some are good and many are evil. we need to prepare now. the world is wrapped up in politics when earth should be united as one and focus all our attention on this invasion we are about to encounter. when i talk to “the queen”, she turns towards me. . . she hears me. at about 2am, these ufo’s and celestial beings are literally hanging in the sky like ornaments on a christmas tree. in december, i witnessed 5. january, up to 20 a night. . now in may, there are literally hundreds. why me?? my mother has always called me her celestial and i used to cry every night as a baby for the moon. san antonio ufo sightings (saufosightings) founder calls me regularly and believes they are attracted to my energy. ufo’s and orbs are being seen (207,000 reports) almost daily, but most witness only once. in november’s conference on extraterrestrial existence in canada, they stated billions have been put forth towards seeking et life and ufo’s. . . i would like to personally invite anyone interested to witness these beings and ufo’s to my home. you may film, take photos, and even see how they react when i just step outside. it’s a 100% guarantee hundreds will be seen regardless of what month or what night. it is very important to me that i show someone all of these things from my backyard. my parents came all the way from west texas to sit outside and watch them with me along with neighbors and friends. they are not all over san antonio nightly, but over my home, countless. you can also tell the difference between each civilization and the fact that some of these have wings. watching them with the naked eye is different then pictures or videos. sometimes electronics pick them up differently than what you can actually see. the largest one i’ve ever witnessed was almost football field sized with huge multi colored lights all the way around this rectangular object. the lights were the size of a small swimming pool. as i was videoing a ufo hovering above me, a bright light beam down on me lighting up the ground all the way around me, terrified, i turned to look as it swooped down almost like a bird would over water, knocking me to the ground, yet it didn’t touch me. . . it had no sound, breeze, odor, or heat. i’ve jumped in my car and chased one only once. as i was navigating through the neighborhood trying to keep up with it, i saw two others just like it. i turned down newcome street in front of my sons school and afraid of it losing me, i pulled over jumped out of my car held my ipad up and just began taking photos. what came out in the photograph was totally different from what i could see with the naked eye. it was round, multicolored light beamed up words out of the object. the lights on it were huge and bulbous. it stopped and hovered over the right side of newcome. . . it knew i was looking at it. it was aware. . . then took off zipping down the street towards evers rd. too fast for me to have kept up. if anyone wants to witness or feels they have to see to believe, they are here and i will introduce them as i have many. i am a mother and nurse and an active sister at church. i finally told my pastor a couple sunday’s ago. this past sunday, he informed the congregation that he had talk to god about a few things with god answering tell your congregation that it’s time to prepare it is the beginning. this is a man of great discernment. a true man of god. my mother, tamara crockett has been a member of the paranormal and psychic research institute in switzerland since november of 1977. another strong gift in our family. i’ve seen hundreds of spirits since i was 12 yrs old. i had to finally set visiting hours with them so that i could get sleep in order to get up and work the next morning as a nurse. they were keeping me up and i wasn’t getting good rest. it just so happens that it worked! so that’s what everyone in the family now does. they set visiting hours. finally, i would like to add that i graduated first out of 120 students in college with a 4.0 with no diagnoses of schizophrenia or hallucinations. lol. i know i’m not crazy, this is real! thank you so much for your time. (i have video’s i will get in and hundreds of photos in high i will send the most shocking.)

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