UFO Sighting in Tempe, Arizona on 2017-05-24 04:20:00 – 4:20 am alerted my dogs. they were very scared. had their attention. i looking at it was drawn, it caused me to shift my focus. shift my awareness. i couldn’t see anything in front of me or beside me, it was circling hovering flashing. i saw something.

My dogs wanted to go out, alerted by a noise or light . i let them out, they voiced a strange sound they don’t make. i went to check on them, saw this was i thought wasvaxstar. took photo, said wow… this is not a star, it is moving. let me catch on video. it kept. pushing my flash. but if i were to video in the home flash would work. it circled hovered for 2 hours. at 1 point i saw a entry open what liked to be like a stairway, but nothing came out. i was looking at this several session times. every time felt drawn in. it caused me to shift my focus, shift my awareness, hearing became cloudy, felt little dizzy, vibrating, my dogs were protecting their food dish and hiding under a piece of furniture. that day, we went to sleep,prior to that i showered, i noticed coming out my 1 dog licking above slightly
the pillow area next to where i sleep. excited, wagging his tail as if he recognized a family member came back from a trip or something. we went to sleep, upon weakening to go work tour 1 at job, i my 2 dogs simply felt drugged or someone gave us multiple ambien to sleep. we were all out of it. lested day and a half, hearing still effected. still feeling a vibration they my body. and i’ve been excessively thirsty . so have my dogs. thank you.

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