Black Triangle Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 2017-05-26 00:00:00 – Triagular arranged lights seen flying silently overhead.

Observed in west seattle near intersection of 63rd and beach dr. cloudless night, at approximately 12:30am friday may 26. standing outside looking at stars, primarily the big dipper i saw 2 sets of odd lights. i often see satellites cross the sky in the hours after a sunset, so they are very familiar.

the first set of strange lights i saw were just 2, no brighter than stars about a thumb width apart if you hold your hand up. they were traveling parallel to each (remaining constant distance from each other) from south to north through the “ladel” of the big dipper, about twice the speed of satellites i have observed, no noise at all. initially i suspected a drone but seemed far to far for their range.

but watching them travel north i noticed a new set of lights 5 lights that formed an equilateral triangle cross their path behind them. these lights were also about the brightness of stars, and moving twice the speed of a satellite just as silently. lights configured 1 at the front point 2 additional lights on either side. so they formed a chevron. these lights traveled from east to west, again through the “ladel” of the big dipper, then turned n-nw smoothly. it didn’t appear to bank (as a plane would) because it remained the equilateral triangle shape. size about twice the diameter of the first 2 lights, so maybe 2 thumb widths.

the total event was short just maybe 10-15 seconds before fading.

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