More Giant Skeleton Hoaxing

I received an email recently asking me whether the following story was real or not:

Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900’s

This is actually an old hoax. It apparently originated via the World News Daily Report, a satirical, tabloid site. You can read the unraveling of the hoax here. And please pay special attention to this familiar picture of an alleged giant human femur:

















The picture is from the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum. As the True Free Thinker article linked above notes, Joe Taylor, the museum’s curator, has explained the femur as follows:

“I sculpted a femur 47-1/2 (120 cm) based on a report in a newsletter where it was reported on by the construction engineer who found it and other skeletons the same height. I was commissioned to sculpt the femur so a college professor could show his students how large it was…In every instance, I have told others that it is JUST A SCULPTURE. The real bone was not available … All museums have casts of specimens as well as real bones. Some have sculptures based on reports only, as this one.”

The real bone was not available. Of course. Nothing to validate the claim. Nothing. Again.

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