UFO Sighting in Grass Valley, California on 2017-05-27 23:40:00 – I saw 2 star-like lights clearly in space, moving with each other, almost chasing. moving around in an impossible way

At around 11:30pm, me and my older brother were doing astronomy which we both know a bit about and enjoy. at about 11:40, i sat down in a chair and stared straight up just to admire the night sky. after watching for about 30 seconds, i noticed two moving lights. at first i thought that they were satalites, but it was unlikely that two satellites were moving in unison close together like that. i looked closer and saw that they were moving ina very odd way. they were moving back and forth in opposite directions, but very minimally, and it was hard to tell, but they were clearly moving. i may be 13 but i’m not dumb. i knew right away that the way that they were moving was physically impossible. the best way to describe it is how when a fly is chasing another fly; they are going in one direction and are wavering back and forth. that is what the objects looked like they were doing. within seconds of seeing it, i yelled to my brother and pointed at it with a flash light. he saw them too. he knows more about this kind of stuff more than i do, so when he shouted “what the hell! oh my god!” i knew it wasn’t normal. we kept watching for a moment and discussed it for like 15 seconds before i ran inside to get my dad. at this point i was almost crying. he ran outside and by that time my brother (jonathan) had lost them. keep in mind they were going a bit slower than a satalite and this happened in a span of about 2 minutes. my dad who knows ten times as much as we do, told me that what i saw was “interdimentional” and it was probably two ufos. and we explained everything exactly how it happened to him. so i started crying of course and we discussed the details of what happened for about 20 minutes, and we are positive that what we saw was impossble. they looked just like stars and were clearly not in the atmosphere, but in space. i know that the way that they were moving with each other was utterly impossble.

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