UFO Sighting in Grove City, Ohio on 2017-05-26 00:00:00 – Red orange pulsated and wobbled. two objects one behind the other pulsating light when viewed with binoculars wobbled in flight.

At approximately 1100 pm on may 26 2017 i was going to bed and looked out my window facing south. i noticed two objects under low cloud cover. the objects glowed red orange and at first i thought they might be helicopters however they began to bounce and wobble in flight. at this time i went out my front door to attempt to hear any sound from the objects and there was none. i went back inside acquired my binoculars went out again and looked at the objects through the binoculars. the shape appeared round with pulsating light but i could not observe any structure. the objects continued from south to north at a slow steady pace and finally diapered in lower cloud cover. i was extremely surprised to obverse objects behaving in this manner over town and the fact they made no noise was strange. my wife also observed the objects. we discussed the possibility of drones but it just didn’t make sense. we then decided the report the incident.

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