UFO Sighting in Roseburg, Oregon on 2000-06-24 00:00:00 – Light changing color as apparently lands …Plane crash?

I was driving north on interstate 5 and coming up to milepost 99 at the stroke of midnight. i could see hills close by and more in the distance. just above the hills in the distance i saw a light change from blue through the color cycle to orange as it descended apparently straight down. i thought i was seeing a plane go down, maybe on fire. i could not see as it well as i drove through dark curves but appeared awfully close to the hills in the distance, but as i moved along the closer hills and trees obstructed my view as the object descended.

i had a cell phone and called 911 and was not sure whether that was the thing to do but i honestly felt i saw a plane going down. i was informed that i had connected to grants pass/ josephine county 911 and would be transferred to roseburg/douglass county 911.

i reported to the operator that i thought i saw a plane crashing in the hills. at exactly 12:00 at milepost 99 on interstate 5

the operator said little but after taking the report made an interesting comment. the night before a woman had called at the same time and the same hour reporting the same thing from the same location! she said it was very strange to hear the same report from the same location two nights in a row at the same time.

i did not see nor hear any news reports of a plane crash in the area in the days following.

a few weeks later my car broke down going south at exactly milepost 99, and realized i had broken down at the same spot before, and exactly where i saw the light.

i say i saw this object to the east but that assumes that the stretch of interstate 5 runs n/s which it curves through the mountains there. for all i know the interstate may even run e/w at milepost 99

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